Web Hosting vs. Linux Hosting

In this article we will provide you a simple explanation of the meaning of the two services to help you choose the best profile for hosting for your website.The Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting are the two services that make use of their respective operating systems. In addition to having substantial differences in the structure of the code composition, their hosting services are too generated with two different philosophies.

linux vs  windows hosting

We happened to see some entrepreneurs often surprised to hear that their website was hosted by a Linux server, asking / saying then do it best Windows undecided. Well, to those who think like I say that most of the websites is on Linux. If you do not you just tell him also that Google, Facebook, YouTube, eBay, Twitter and Amazon are on Linux and then calm down.

The core of Linux, called the kernel, was created with the license GNU General Public License. This means that any user has the right to use, copy, modify and freely distribute the software in question.

Applications managed by Linux

Applications that require a server with the Linux operating system are:

  • SSH
  • FrontPage Extensions
  • Scripts or applications that require specific Apache modules


Applications managed by Windows

  • Applications that require a server running Windows are:
  • ASP Classic
  • NET
  • MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server)
  • MS Access (Microsoft Access)
  • Visual Basic Development
  • C #
  • Remote Desktop (dedicated server only)

The Control Panels

The servers that mount Windows use a control panel other than the server that mount Linux. CPanel, for example, is the control panel that is used by all Linux hosting plans such as shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers.

WHM (Web Host Manager) is the type of control panel that is used on the profiles virtualized VPS and dedicated servers. With it you can fully manage the server functionality. Plesk for Windows is a panel profiles shared, dedicated and VPS.

What we use here in DMware

While working mostly with open source software, people mostly use the Linux operating system, but there have been some projects that have carried on the Windows operating system as well.

Case Sensitivity

Another difference is that the Linux files are case-sensitive while Windows are not. For example, on a Linux server, the Home.html and home.html are two different names; while on a Windows hosting server Home.html and home.html refer to the same file.

Server Security

Both operating systems Linux and Windows are safe to use, and there are no as such issues related to the server security as it depends on the setup of the server itself and who administers it.


The type of hosting is not only a quality factor to convey to visitors to the site but it is also very important for search engines like Google, even in its guidelines on how to optimize a site, makes it clear that the less time it provides a site to open, the better is indexed. Hence, you better understand your business needs first and then choose the right hosting services.